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Standart Camming Down the Rabbit Hole Ch10

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As the sun beamed in through a gap in the curtains my now familiar morning wood strained at the silk of my nightwear. How was it that no matter how hard I came the night before it would wake up eager and ready to go. As had become customary my mind would be filled with the events of the previous night, which only heightened my state of arousal.

One thing which did differ from the previous mornings was my sore throat. No doubt a result of my getting a little carried away although its scratching as I swallowed some fresh water easing slightly, I smiled and remembered with pride what I had achieved and the results of my dedication.

Coughing a little I could clearly hear my voice was a little horse, maybe not croaky but there was an undeniable huskiness to its sound. Walking to the bathroom I went to the toilet, sitting as it is impossible to aim downwards in my current state and awkwardly relieved myself. My well-practiced application of cleansers, toners and conditioners, and my usual light application of foundation and blushers. I wanted to do a casual stream this morning and give it that feel that I?d just got up out of bed with my fans.

It also meant minimal effort, I wasn?t even going to change my outfit or fix my slightly scruffy and dishevelled hair. Adjusting the lighting to give it a softer appearance, I log in and start chatting, it felt nice just to hang out and not feel the pressure to perform, I would certainly be giving the sucking a rest for a bit, despite the damaged vocal cords giving me quite an attractive roughness to my softly spoken voice. If anything it covered over that hint of manliness that I had been unable to removed even after hours of practice.

The show was relaxed and easy, I wasn?t really after tokens, just a nice steady build-up. I kept my outfit on this time, the feel of the silk was always such a rewarding experience. Keeping it simple I opted for my favourite little metal plug which now sat so comfortably inside me, its weight nestling perfectly to add a little pressure but not be too demanding.

I stroked lazily teasing my viewers asking if they wouldn?t mind waking up next to me, knowing full well that the response would trigger a raft of requests for them to stay the night. It always made me laugh, the power I had over them, something as little as a pout or bat of the eyelashes and now with the fake cleavage if I pushed them together whilst clad in this nightie it drove them wild. And I lapped it up.

I was much more careful with my leaking cock though, I hadn?t missed a day of taking the supplements and it clearly had done the job as I produced a heavy stream of precum any time I became aroused, and it tasted so good. Each drop I brought to my lips and drank it down, its slick warm honey coating my tongue and soothing my sore throat.

I wanted to taste it, to suck it from the tap and coiling myself over I struggled to get close enough, these damn stuck on breasts were getting in the way, I had to settle for extending my tongue and lapping it from the tip. I was by now quite worked up and wanted to properly taste my load.

I stood closer to the camera and started to stroke faster, as I did talking to my fans, teasing them, telling them how much I wished they were here to stroke me, to make me cum. I loved the reaction, seeing people type that they were getting close, the power to bring complete strangers to orgasm. I dragged it out as long as I could, but as my balls tightened I knew I wouldn?t be able to hold out for much longer.

My slick hand pumped harder and faster, an endless stream of fluid coating them making it so effortless to stroke quickly. I wanted to cum hard, and unlike most of my recent broadcasts, I wanted to bask in the effect I had on my audience rather than get carried away in my own world. As I approached the peak and my body began to tense up I urged them to join me, to cum with me. I cupped my spare hand in front of my swollen head as the first surge of jizz spewed from me, catching it all in my palm I counted another nine loads gradually getting smaller in volume but no less in intensity.

The computer screen was a sea of yellow boxes and pings sounded out over my moans as they showed their appreciation, and the last few milder pulses dribbled the cum into my now very full palm. I brought it to my mouth and savoured the taste as it filled my senses, it was so sweet and tangy. The monumental load made up for the last few times I?d not been able to eat it all, and I didn?t waste a single drop.

Licking my hand and fingers clean, I returned to my now softening cock to drain the last few drops. I could hardly believe a few months ago I?d never tasted it before and now I couldn?t imagine a day passing when I would go without, I genuinely loved the taste, and I produced so much of it as well. I?d never counted the number of times I came before, but this must have been a record and sure enough my audience commented on that too.

I sat and chatted for a while, they all wanted to know about the new toys, about the outfits, about meeting in person to which I really wasn?t that keen on, but as I came down from my high I took stock of where I was at. I was now making some really decent money in nearly every show, my catalogue of recordings and pictures were selling well too and I almost felt secure in my future.

I closed the chat and saw to a few admin tasks, checking emails and messages from fans, adding new content and posts. I really was doing OK, whatever happened with my work I?d be able to afford to live and even accepted that this lifestyle wasn?t so bad, I wasn?t even sure what I would do if I didn?t orgasm at least twice a day, my body positively craved it.

Feeling pretty good about myself and wanting to make the most of the false breasts before removing them I decided it would be nice to go for a walk, I sure as hell couldn?t run in them, and it was beautiful enough outside for once. Apart from washing my hands I hadn?t made a mess for a change so my clean-up and preparation was minimal.

I went with a simple outfit, nothing too revealing I thought, although it was tough to disguise my chest additions and in any case, I maybe I didn?t really want to. A little cleavage perhaps, to court some stray eyes and feed my ego some more. There was so little of the old me left who would have run a mile when it came to being the centre of attention, now I would feel hurt if I did go out unnoticed.

I still had the little metal plug in from the show, and I didn?t want to remove it, as it felt so at home there, I loved the little nudges it gave me inside as I walked around the apartment. Lacey underwear held the plug in place and a matching bra encased my false breasts, a tight pair of jeans framed my shapely ass and pinched in at the waist, and a short cropped vest showing a little midriff and a fair amount of well blended in cleavage finished off the top. And some classy, comfortable but fittingly stylish

I kept the makeup simple, but did my usual lip plumping treatment without adding a bright lip-gloss, just something more natural. I checked out my reflection in the full length mirror and was very happy with what I saw. With these false breasts I felt totally passable, even without a mask on, the work I?d done was completely satisfactory and I?d gave me even more of a bounce in my step as I put on my sunglasses, picked up a small purse, my mask and a light jacket just in case.

The walk into town was a pleasant one, being so much more comfortable in all of my outfit I didn?t have to think about my feet in the heels, I could stride with confidence. The roll of my hips fitting each step easily giving me time to people watch. Peering from behind my mirrored sunglasses I could check everyone out, see who was looking at me and enjoy my new found self-assurance.

I window shopped for nothing in particular, browsing whenever I felt interested but taking every interaction with another person as an opportunity to perfect my cam girl persona. The mannerisms, even adjusting my voice to work the best with my still sore throat. The whole day spent inhabiting my alter ego and finding it all surprisingly second nature. A few purchases made as usual, although they hadn?t been on sale I just couldn?t resist, and another pitstop at the makeup section to replenish my supplies and add to the growing catalogue that I already had.

With my breast forms on I had a much better range of items and outfits to choose from and they all looked spectacular, it really was such a bind that I loved how everything looked, but knew the appearance trade off was lack of sensation. Standing in the changing room admiring a beautiful purple 3 piece, it hugged my body in all the right places, squeezed my curves and enhanced what was there. I looked and felt so good as I caressed the lace and traced my hands over my chest. With a sigh as the silicone nipples passed nothing through to my positively aching nipples underneath.

As it seemed to be the case when I looked the reflection with the false breasts on, a conflict battled away, what would it feel like to have them look like this and be able to feel everything, my ass tightened on the plug and I felt my cock stir. It would no doubt be amazing, as visions flashed in my mind of cam shows and the climaxes it would bring. To then suddenly realised that would cross the line of no return, that all this was just temporary until I hopefully got my job back and my life could go back to how it was. Flustered and now more than a little horny I quickly changed back and made my way to the checkout. My now customary last stop of the day was that lovely café, for a coffee and something to eat.

I made my order and took up a window seat so I could carry on people watching, as well as see a mild reflection of myself in the glass. I had become a little preoccupied with how I looked, not wanting my hair or makeup to be out of place and touching it up as and when necessary. I had just about finished my food and drink when I spotted a familiar figure enter the door, it was the cam girl, she was here again.

She scanned the café briefly making eye contact with me before moving to the counter to place an order. I flushed a little and then realised I had my sunglasses on so she wouldn?t have seen me looking. Looking back out of the window and taking the last sip of my drink I jumped slightly as I heard someone behind me say ?excuse me? in a voice I knew all too well.

A little startled I turned and looked up and there she was, Ellie, my idol, asking if she could take the seat next to me. I stammered a quiet yes, before gathering myself, removing my sunglasses and adding that I had just finished so she could take my seat if she wanted. ?Oh, that?s a shame, I remembered bumping into you on the street the other day, I thought it might be nice to chat? she said her eyes crinkling as she smiled behind the mask.

I paused, taken back by her open and friendliness. We were still under mild covid restrictions, so it wasn?t very common for people to just start random conversations inside shops and things. But the days upbeat confidence coursed through me and I shrugged of my usual nerves to accept her invitation.

?That would be great, only I?ve just finished my coffee? I replied pointing to my empty cup, but quick as a flash she offered to buy me another. Who was I to refuse a drink from the girl who I had been the inspiration for me to take on this journey, little did she know how responsible she was for the dramatic change in my life over the last few months.

She asked me what I would like to drink and I commented that I probably should not have another coffee as I would be up all night unable to sleep. As quick as a flash she retorted ?sleep it overrated, there are much more fun things that you could do I?m sure? her eyes twinkling as she laughed loudly, returning to the counter and ordered me another drink.

She came back and placed her things down and took off her jacket. She was every bit as beautiful as on camera. She introduced herself as Ellie which I tried my best to not let on I already knew, and sat down. The conversation was easy, everything flowed from one thing to the next and we barely noticed the drinks being placed on the table next to us.

We both skirted around our current occupations, and instead I talked about my actual job and how I was furloughed but expecting news imminently about whether I would be retained or be made redundant. She offered sincere support extending a hand or rest gently on my knee, it didn?t feel out of place, more friendly than flirty but it was impossible for me not to feel a rush of blood down below and my face flush slightly.

I wasn?t sure if she noticed but she carried on regardless, talking about how she worked in media, but had managed to set herself up to work from home and how much she was enjoying it and the much improved work life balance that came with it. I laughed as I recalled her last show, feeling my jeans and panties tighten against my tucked cock and the metal plug inside me shift. She looked at me quizzically and I realised that my laugh would have seemed out of place.

Fumbling a little for an explanation as my arousal increased, I merely suggested that being able to spend longer in bed is an absolute benefit of the work from home schedule and it left plenty of time for more self-care. With a bit of a wink and a devilish grin on my part, my own cam girl persona taking charge and not permitting me to shy away.

Her infectious smile greeted my reply and she agreed it totally had its plus points. Our conversation moved on, but feeling buoyed by my suggestions our chat remained friendly but with a slight undertone of flirtatiousness. We talked about the holidays we?d like to go on and the places we wanted to visit once the flights resumed and it all became a lot easier.

At one point she wanted to show me some pictures of her last trip on her phone and we sat side by side, pressed up close as we peered at the screen. I could smell her scent, her shampoo and made the most of our close proximity. I placed my arm around her shoulder as we lent in and nothing seemed unnatural or forced. We were just two girlfriends catching up.

The drinks long finished we carried on chatting about all sorts, the casual touching just became a part of our interaction and my alter ego persona carried me through it effortlessly. It was almost impossible to imagine me being able to do this before, I wouldn?t have had the courage, and very probably would have cum in my pants multiple times over with the amount of times her hand stroked or touched my leg.

My daydream was interrupted as her phone rang and she apologised while she answered. I took the opportunity to make a beeline for the restroom, I needed to calm down a little and collect myself, that and the two beverages had worked their way through me. Entering the ladies toilet I sat down and relieved myself, my now semi hard cock making it much more difficult to tuck neatly back.

Try as I might there was no way I would get it into the same position as I had it before and I had to settle for it being less well hidden, with a slight bulge now visible through the tight crotch of my jeans. It wasn?t too bad though, even if I really didn?t have a choice I would just have to go with it.

When I returned to our seats, she had finished the call but said that she would need to get back as she had got caught up in our conversation and lost track of time, she went to the lavatory while I collected my things. When she returned I was all set to go and she picked up her belongings as I held the door open for her to leave. Outside we both expressed how nice it had been, Ellie asking if she could have my number so we could do coffees again sometime or maybe something stronger of an evening if I wasn?t free during the day. Of course I jumped at the chance and moments later we were saying our goodbyes escort with a very tight hug and kiss on the cheek.

Smiling at each other we parted ways and I bounced home on a cloud higher than I had ever been before. I couldn?t believe it, I had her number, not the number she gave out to fans on her broadcasts but her personal number. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen, let alone for her to ask ME for my number, the day could not get any better.

Not once had I felt like the old me, shy, awkward and insecure. Could I even call it my cam girl persona, if that was seemingly me all the time today and none of it was forced, everything felt natural and easy. Perhaps this new me was the better one, I would never have had the confidence to behave like that as the old me that?s for sure.

I floated home, my mind awash with everything, the plug occasionally nudging me inside, and cock in its slightly less restricted position swelling involuntarily. I was no longer bothered about what had happened in the shower thinking about Marc, I was one hundred percent into Ellie, just the thought of her made me swoon. I was smitten beyond belief, even if she didn?t feel the same way, the thought of seeing her again made my heart leap. Whatever I did for the cameras was just to make more money, if that meant imagining Marc and calling out his name for the benefit of my fans, then so be it. It was nothing compared to the opportunity to spend more time with my idol.

Arriving home my mind was already quite worked up, the attention from people, the new outfits from the changing room, the whole thing with Ellie and the entire day with my favourite little plug nudging away. I was feeling super horny and although it was a strange time for a show, I decided to start early and spend as long as I could edging and building myself up for the biggest release possible.

Even though I had new outfits for my new chest, I wanted to take them off, they?d been on for 24 hours or more and there was no way I was going to leave my nipples out of any playtime today. I used the releasing agents, carefully peeled them off and hopped in the shower to get myself ready cleaning myself inside and out very thoroughly.

I already had in mind that I wanted to take the largest of the new dildos that I bought so just to get things going I slid the biggest plug I had inside, there was no discomfort but it certainly made its presence known whenever I had to bend over or pick something up. My lace thong was no match for my overly keen erection which persisted as I applied makeup and fixed my hair.

As always before a show I liked to evaluate my appearance, looking for things I could improve or change that would increase my appeal and build more fans. Without my chest inserts an easy win was obviously absent, but my puffy nipples poking through the sheer bra was a very respectable compromise and as I tweaked them the spike of pleasure more than made up for it.

I really was proud and pleased with the way I looked, very much passable except for the tent in my panties, and it was hard not to be turned on by what I saw. Ultimately I was my own harshest critic and even my judgemental eye was satisfied with how I looked.

My show was so much fun, I already told people from the outset that it was going to be a long one, and people dropped in and out, but I progressed through the dildos, the other bonus of not having the false breasts was that I could coil myself up much easier and the head of my cock passed my lips for the first time. Being able to feel the buzz of the vibrator in my ass through my rock hard cock was a sensation I never thought I would feel and it took everything to pull away from the imminent rising of my orgasm.

I teased and played with all of my toys for hours and I realised I never connected up my lovesense. If there was a day, then today would be it and it took quite a faff to get it set up and working. I?d seen plenty of models use them, and never knew if their reactions were genuine or not but all I can say is that when someone dropped a big donation and it hit me for the first time the buzz shook right to the core of my pleasure centre.

I must have had it positioned in the most ideal place as I gasped and cooed for the duration of its time, it very nearly brought me to climax with no other input from myself. Of course spending hours and hours edging had put me in a heightened state and by now I was on a hair trigger.

With that in mind I challenged my viewers to make me cum, and they wasted no time in dropping tokens, ping after ping and this time I could feel it as well as hear it. After last night I knew how I wanted to finish and knowing I could suck more of my cock into my mouth I was keen to get my reward straight from the tap.

I laid back, pulled my engorged dick to my mouth and drew it in, savouring the sweet dripping precum and moaning as the toy pulsed erratically in my ass. With both hands free I could maximise the leverage on my legs to force it deeper. I know it was coming and wanted nothing more than for it to arrive, my orgasm was building.

As my fans donated greater sums the buzzing became stronger and for longer lengths of time, my groans through a mouth full of cock spurring them on, my tongue lapping up the constant flow hungrily sucking as much as I could. I wanted more, I craved it with every passing second.

I wanted more of my cock in my mouth, I wanted more sensations in my ass, to feel more of everything, my left hand now mauled my sensitive nipples, anything to get me over the line. Finally someone hit the jackpot. The toy in my ass burst up to the maximum, I adjusted it to hit my prostate perfectly and everything combined to push me over the edge.

My lips sealed tight around my now pulsing cock, the first shot fired hard to the back of my mouth, my tongue twisting and turning around my glands as the second and third jets flowed copious amounts of cum down my gulping throat. It tasted so sweet and fruity, not a hint of bitterness, just so good and satisfying, my ass clenching with each throb driving another squirt filling my senses, pleasure overwhelming my entire body.

I gasped for air at my seemingly never ending orgasm as people carried on donating and the continues vibrations drove my orgasm to continue, smaller waves but relentless in their all consuming joy. After what must have been twelve or more loads my still pulsing cock had no more to give, and my body uncoiled in protest. Unable to regain control as aftershocks coursed though me. My entire body was ignited with the most unimaginable, seemingly never ending pleasure and I could only lay there and bask in the glory.

As I regained composure and sat up to engage with my fans, on a single drop of cum lay on my lips which I wasted no time feeding to myself not to waste a drop, to the natural applause of my viewers. Tonight had been a lot of fun not to mention profitable, and despite previous nights being great, being able to play with my whole body was so much more rewarding.

I felt fully satisfied, and totally vindicated in my decision to go down this rabbit hole of a journey. I almost felt at ease with the idea that I would be made redundant and could survive doing this, the money was now the same, my life was going great with the minor detail of my outward appearance being of the opposite sex. But that had plenty of benefits too as Ellie once again came to mind.

After the show I had a well-practiced routine, the cameras and lights were switched off and while the files all synced I cleaned myself and the bed. With the last of the energy in my body I quickly edited down the footage, extracted the best stills and uploaded them all to my various platforms. The multitude of messages would have to wait, but I knew each upload was another string to the bow of my growing online empire and the revenue stream that was attached to it.

The next few days followed a similar pattern, I?d get up, shoot a video or stream to resolve my persistent morning wood, practice some yoga and have a light breakfast, then go for a run more often than not meeting Marc along the way and all the fun flirting that that entailed. The odd message to Ellie, even sending her pictures with different makeup looks that I would try out to get her feedback. Our conversations were always friendly but I could help sneak in a little more flesh that I perhaps should have.

If I did use the breast forms for a show I would rarely keep them on afterwards, although they felt quite nice, the weight and especially how the looked in outfits for trips to the shops, I just couldn?t get over the lack of sensation, my nipples had become such a significant part of my arsenal to turn myself on and give me the best orgasms. Not to mention the constant use of the vacuum cups made them much larger and persistently erect.

The constant use of makeup was also changing things, using the lip plumping pads every day sometimes twice had led to a constant fulness which I not only loved the look of but loved the feel of when I sucked my own dick, being able to feel it from both sides was a strange sensation but always highly pleasurable.

One morning I decided to go to the local beauty salon, as my hair really needed some help, the daily blow-drying and styled taking its toll. And I decided to just go for the full works. It wasn?t busy and they seemed more than happy to go to town. Styled and dyed hair, nails shaped polished and gel coated, eyebrow shaping and a full facial treatment that left my skin glowing and flawless.

I got totally carried away, but the results spoke for themselves. I was so convinced that my job was done for that none of this would really matter. And when I showed the outcome to Ellie she showered me with praise and it was all worth it. And the shows for the rest of the day had an air of contentment to them, I knew how good I looked and it came across in all my broadcasts. I spent longer than usual in front of the mirror picking outfits and assessing my reflection.

The next morning my hair hadn?t faired too well from being spattered with jizz and washed hastily. The facial and work done to my face still shone though and as I bounced round the park on my morning run, I felt every bit as confident. Marc appeared which was a little bit of a surprise as it was later than usual for me to be jogging, and part of me wondered if he has been waiting. However he commented immediately on how refreshed I looked and how nice too. It was hard to tell if it was just part of our back and forth flirting but he seemed genuine about it and took extra time to evaluate me.

Of course I couldn?t let me get away with it so naturally overly complemented him on his physique, all part of our game we played to push the boundaries and my cam girl persona never ceased to ramp things up and revel in the effects. However today he totally caught me off guard by saying he was a bit late so couldn?t carry on the run, but wanted my number so we could sync our jogs better and not have to cut short the time. Of course I instantly gave him my number without realising what I?d just done, it was all part of our game right.

Naturally he looked like the cat that got the creme and I was the flustered one which only made the last few minutes of our interactions ramp up, I don?t know why but I just couldn?t help it, it was too much fun seeing if I could get his shorts to tighten and his cheeks to blush. We parted ways mid-way round the park and I headed home not long after.

Once home I hopped in the shower but had to jump out as the doorbell rang mid-way through. With a loosely tied robe and my hair still dripping I opened to door to the delivery man with the now usual bundle of parcels. I wasn?t expecting any, but my wish list had gown and people kept buying me things, so who was I to refuse. One package was notably bigger than the others and I struggled to keep them all together as the delivery man handed them to me.

I caught him checking me out as I fumbled the packages and my robe opened at the top slightly and my leg slipped through the split, and rather than blush, I could only smile, he wouldn?t have been able to see much but it no doubt brightened his day and I could only imagine that I?d be one of the stories he told his buddies back at the depot and maybe think about later once home. Just like with Marc or any of my fans, the idea that I could take up their headspace, that I was desirable was such an ego trip and I loved it.

Once inside I dropped the parcels on the bed and continued my shower. Once dried, moisturised and primped I returned my attention to the various packages and worked my way through them. I loved getting stuff from strangers, some with requests some with no note at all, and some from people I recognised as regulars. The largest parcel was immediately identifiable, it had to be Biggie. He?d been a bit quiet of late so I was intrigued as to what he would have instore for me.

The box was long, maybe the size and width of a champagne bottle and it had a real weight to it. Opening the outer cardboard inside was a smaller box in bubble wrap, with an envelope attached to it. Inside was a note from Biggie, he talked about how much he enjoyed my progression, how far I?d come and how beautiful I had become. He praised my efforts to accommodate his requests and apologies for his lack of recent support.

It was then that I realised I had not really noticed, I now had so many more fans, quite a few of whom were regular and always donated fairly big amounts of tokens. But Biggie always had a presence, he was a significant person who was responsible for this all happening and who without I probably wouldn?t have come this far.

He went on to talk about how I had helped him in his life, and how my shows had given him new hope of change. And with it he was changing a lot about himself and his job, all of which meant he would no longer have time to partake in my broadcasts or be there to see where I went to next.

It was strangely sad to read about someone who I had never met moving on, but I kind of considered them a friend. It wasn?t all bad though, he said that the gift in the box was a parting shot, and that I would be significantly rewarded for including it in my next show, so long as I didn?t open it before hand, and I let him know in advance when I would be on so he could make sure he was there.

I knew instantly what this box contained. While I couldn?t see through the bubble wrap and it looked like a pain box anyway, the weight, length and width could only mean one thing. My hands were trembling and my mind racing. I desperately wanted to open it but I knew it would be better for my genuine reaction on camera. With the rest of the day ahead of me, I would leave out my midday show/recording and save it up for this, I knew it would be worth it.

I sent a message to him, and posted across all my platforms that I had something big planned for tonight?s show, hopefully making the most of the surprise and building as much interest as I could, it was the end of the week so would be one of the better shows anyway, maybe I could even set a new personal best and beat my record for tokens at the same time.

With all that organised I looked to keep myself busy, but my mind raced and I felt constantly on edge with nerves. I tidied my room and re-arranged my setup, deciding where to place the main camera and all the lights, but as soon as I was done I felt the pressure rising of tonight?s show. I also felt unnecessarily horny, I knew the contents of that gift from Biggie would be a challenge, but without my now customary mid-day release I could feel my body building its desire. I would catch myself daydreaming, my body flushing with heat, my nipples crinkling to hardened nubs and my cock straining at my panties.

I needed a proper distraction, something to clear my mind. I started with some yoga, following izmit escort bayan my usual online tutorials, the movements and positions so well practiced that my body just knew what to do. I concentrated on stretching further than I had before, the focus allowing my nerves to be replaced with determination. As each video ended and another began I found myself following without paying attention, yet simultaneously meditating and finding a calmness and peace I had not experienced for months.

I was able to take stock of my achievements, not least how much fitter I now was, but how much happier too. My old job was a means to an end, I can?t say I loved it although I didn?t hate it either. The routine I had established was nearly all pleasure with very little downside. Sure I?d drifted a bit further off the path than I had planned, but it was all working out so well, I had found comfort and self-confidence in my appearance that I never had before and financially covered myself.

The realisation that tonight?s show wasn?t the end, despite one of my largest contributors leaving, everything I had done so far had created a foundation that gave me the security I was looking for, the inevitability that I was going to be made redundant no longer had the same gravity or consequence, far from it. And who knows how long Covid would be around for, maybe the restrictions and working from home would be permanent, in which case I was set up quite well for the future.

I lay there listening to the nature sounds and wind chimes that played out to the end of the yoga tutorial and felt an incredible peace. I never intended to go this far, and certainly never thought that I would enjoy every aspect of it as much as I was. My consciousness returning to the room, I paid attention to how my body felt. The snug grip of the lycra leggings and sports bra, the mild burn in my muscles from being stretched and strained for the last hour or so. The awareness that I could feel the shape and tone of my whole body and the constant light throb in my nipples which persisted due to over using the suction cups.

I gently stood up and ran my hands down my chest shivering as they traced over the top of the hardened nubs protruding my sports top, my cock no longer sleeping immediately raising beneath the tight fabric. When had I become so constantly aroused? What had I turned my body into so that it just craved sexual attention all the time? I glanced at the clock and I still had a few hours before my show, but after the yoga and meditation I felt much more able to focus despite the obvious distractions.

I moved to the shower, stopping in front of the full length mirror to appreciate all my hard work. I was proud of my achievements, my body was toned and taught, a slight hint of a six pack as I removed my top. Turning and posing my ass looked incredible in these leggings and my legs curved and flexed beneath the material as I rolled it down to the floor.

Standing there naked except for my lace panties, struggling to contain the bulge I smiled. I had curves, not crazy ones, but curves non the less. I would have to ratchet down the waist trainer even more if I wanted to go further, and my slightly defined but flat chest would have been entirely male if it wasn?t for the somewhat stretched and distended nipples sitting on it.

I couldn?t resit playing with them as they always felt so keen to reward me with pleasure, I missed the shape of the breast forms, but it was infinitely better to be able to touch them, they were a direct line to my cock and any toying up here would result in immediate response below, it was really quite addictive.

Continuing to the shower I embarked on a full body cleanse inside and out. Hair removal cream applied and washed, scrubs and exfoliations followed by copious amounts of moisturiser and skin treatments to sooth and smooth. I dried and styled my hair, and took my time applying makeup to my absolute best. I plucked any stray hairs, applied double lip plumping treatments followed by lip-gloss that just made them pop. With matching nail polish applied without fault.

I was used to seeing myself made up, the reflection no longer a surprise, but tonight I felt so accomplished in my results. Staring back at me was someone who was truly beautiful, the old me would have never even approached her she was way out of my league. Sure I wasn?t perfect, but I felt confident that nobody would ever guess I was a guy. Even if the guy part of me was evidently standing rock hard and already leaking a little.

I giggled at the ridiculousness of being turned on by myself, but here I was. I still had plenty of time too choose an outfit and I carefully chose what thought would be the absolute best. There had been times when getting dressed up was just part of doing a show at that time, today however felt like a ceremony. Rolling the stocking up my smooth legs, the clips attaching them to my basque, the feel of the silky smooth fabric tight against my skin.

I picked Biggies shoes that he bought for me what seemed like an age ago and smiled thinking how far I had come since then. They slipped on my feet with well-practiced ease, and I stood without wobbling or unsteadiness. Strutting over to the mirror I checked myself out and beamed with delight. God I looked good, my calves shaped so elegantly by the heels, my ass standing firm as I twisted to pose. In a brief moment of calm I had managed to tuck my cock but it fought to break free from my lace panties.

One last finishing touch was the pair of silk gloves I had received, they might not be staying on for that long in the show as I didn?t want to ruin them, but the feel of the soft fabric as I stroked myself was a pure delight, and tonight was all about giving myself and the viewers as much pleasure as possible.

With thirty minutes to spare I decided to attach the nipple pumps are get them primed and ready. Attaching the cups and gradually sucking the air out I gasped as they pulled in my flesh coursing blood to rush to my chest, I loved how sensitive they became from it and the silk gloves stroking the skin around them made my knees weaken. I padded out my top a little so I could keep them in place for as long as possible and set about switching on the lights and cameras to record what was undoubtedly going to be an amazing broadcast.

Time for the show to begin, as I sat down and logged into my computer. In no time fans joined and the conversation flowed. My gloved hands constantly roaming my body seemingly without my consciousness, the feel of them on my skin and over the lace of my outfit was divine. I would parade a little, giving twirls and bending over as requested and I loved seeing the responses.

Eventually Biggies name popped up and finally after all this waiting I could open the box to see what was inside. My heart was pounding, my already soaked panties barely containing my throbbing erection which had long escaped its tucked confinement. I fumbled the packaging with my gloved hands, eventually prizing it open and adjusting myself so the cameras could see.

I lifted the lid and opened the package, as I suspected, there inside was a sizeable dildo. But not just any dildo. This was incredibly life like, the detail in the skin texture, the veins and the rather huge bulbus head. It was large too, at least ten inches long down to the heavy looking balls at the base with a suction cup below.

I lifted it out and my mouth watered as I held it. I was speechless, all the other toys I had were generic looking, but this, this looked like an actual penis, it felt heavy, soft and hard at the same time. Totally unlike the butt plugs I was so fond of. The chat had exploded, requests were firing in nonstop, but there, highlighted on screen was a message from Biggie, explaining that this wasn?t just any dildo, it was his dildo. Or rather a dildo of him.

My mouth hung open, my expression frozen as I looked at it. I was holding another mans penis in silicone form. And it was massive! No wonder he called himself biggie! None of my toys had been larger than my own rather modest six inches, and this was so much longer and thicker. Suddenly I became aware of how hard my heart was beating, a bit of panic rising as the thought of actually doing something with this monster in my gloved hands.

My attention returned to the screen and it was full of encouragement, not least with nearly every person saying I should try to suck it. How the hell was I going to be able to suck it? It was enormous. Biggie once again dropped a message laying out the challenges he set, a reward for each stage getting larger until the ultimate prize of fucking myself with it. His promised payment was equally sizable. The equivalent of a thousand pounds! Even more when you added up the rewards leading up to that, I just froze.

I don?t know how long I was transfixed by both the large toy gripped in my fingers and the figures on the screen. A large ping rang out breaking me from my contemplation, another of my high rolling fans had kicked off the donations, in my absence one of my moderators had set up and escalating target for the show. The stages of my challenge lay out in front of me, each one with a target for tokens and a requirement for me. Ultimately ending up with me taking this huge dick in my ass.

I looked at it, it was way too big, it would never fit without splitting me in two I thought. Yet deep in the back of my mind, my consciousness was asking how it would feel, something so big and so lifelike, if all my other toys had felt great, what was thing going to feel like? There was only one way of finding out, and as I engaged with my audience, and the tips started to roll in, the first easy target was met.

Tentatively I stuck out my tongue, the easiest of challenges was to lick it. As I made contact I was surprised at the texture, my gloves had hidden just how skin like it felt, each ridge and bump stimulated my senses as I worked from about half way up to the tip. As I felt the flared helmet and smooth round head slide over my tongue I looked at the reflection on the screen and was taken aback by how very obviously turned on I was.

It looked as sexy as it felt, my silk covered hands holding it delicately, barely able to reach all the way round. I was somewhat relieved that it wasn?t too thick. Bigger than anything I had sucked, but not so overwhelmingly impossible to take. The next target sounded out as I now had to try take some of it in my mouth.

I brought the base up and held the balls, the dildo really was a piece of work, they felt heavy and loose, soft and pliable almost like my own, but much bigger obviously. My attention turned to the other end and I realised with slight embarrassment that I was salivating at the thought of seeing how much I could fit in.

My lips parted and I made contact, my own dick jumped a little as the flared end slid into my wide open mouth, my tongue welcoming it in as I twisted and twirled it. My eyes closed briefly as visions in my head flashed what this would be like if it was attached to its owner, I was now, for all intents and purposes sucking another guy?s cock, and rather than be disgusted at the thought I felt my throat flex as if it wanted me to push on further.

I withdrew it with a pop, and re-focussed on the screen, more encouragement filled the chat, comments about how sexy it looked and how jealous they were that it wasn?t their own. That thrill of knowing the effect I was having on other people coursed through my veins, and I doubled down my efforts to slide it in further, this time keeping my eyes open to read their comments.

It went in deeper and made contact with the back of my throat, the blunt head nudging my tonsils and immediately making me gag quite hard. I frustratingly pulled it out and gasped waiting for the urge to wretch to pass. As I gathered my breath I realised that I was perhaps jumping in at the deep end, and I should probably ease myself into it, to give my body a chance to adapt. After all there was zero chance this thing would fit up my ass without a lot of warm up, why would my throat be any different.

So I grabbed my smaller dildos and set about easing my throat for its new found challenge. My old dildos seemed plain and boring in comparison, there was no detail or texture as they slid over my lips and into my mouth. Being so well practiced with these over the last few days it took very little time for me to be able to take the largest of my old dildoes without too much difficulty. My fans didn?t seem to mind that I had changed my tactics either, and with my determination to be able to step up, I pushed the large dildo all the way until the base was resting against my nose.

I cheered in triumph as I pulled it out without a single hint of gagging, I knew I was as ready as I ever would be for the monster that was about to intrude. Taking some calming breaths I once again lifted Biggies ridged beast and slid it to the back of my throat. This time I was more prepared, I still gagged a little bit, backed it out, before attempting another time. Again I wretched but it was less than before and I pulled it back only the smallest amount to relieved some pressure.

Each time I did this I found less and less discomfort and it edged a little deeper, until with watering eyes it slid down another inch. I gently pulled it out and I gagged but it was entirely manageable. My fans commented how much I had managed to take and I was gutted to read that it wasn?t much over half. Yet still that was some achievement in itself.

For the next half an hour I experiments with it in my mouth, different angles of the dildo, changing how my neck was positioned and finally. While I knelt on the bed, looking up at the camera with my neck very straight with my mouth I could feel it slip in further and deeper. The strangest of sensations as Biggies veined monster eased down my throat, I could feel my own erection throb as my gullet convulsed around its intruder, trying to swallow it down.

I prized my eyes open and the vision on screen was a sight to behold. I must have had threequarters of the length down my throat. My wet eyes excluded lust and I almost felt like my orgasm was going to arrive without even stimulating any other part of my body. Desperate for air I removed the silicone phallus and moaned as it passed my lips. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would get so much pleasure from sliding something in my mouth, I was trembling with lust careful not to move to quickly as I felt that any sudden movement would send me over the edge.

I calmed a little and re-engaged with my viewers. They all approved of my performance and the first level of Biggies rewards landed in the pot. With everyone else?s contributions it was already looking like a great show, someone else pointed out that I also had a record number of viewers all of which spurred me on to continue with the challenges set out by my fans.

The rest of the targets were not so centred around the new dildo, and followed my conventional broadcasts, not that they weren?t fun. Plugs were inserted, my ass was spanked, clothing was removed and each time I was encouraged to play with Biggie?s silicone dick. I couldn?t get over how this was actually modelled and a real one, that this belonged to an actual person. Not only that but a person who had initiated so much of my transformation, the thought they might be on the other side of the screen stroking the actual version of the one in my hands.

The thought turned me on no end. Along with the thought of all the other people, guys, girls and everything in between, sat in their rooms, rubbing and stroking looking at me. It was a crazy thought, but my body just craved the attention, I had never been an extrovert before all this and here I was pursuing their desire, desperate for more.

It wasn?t long before I was challenged to suck myself and I wasted izmit sınırsız escort no time in assuming the position. With all the yoga I had done before the show I was more limber than ever before, I was easily able to get my lips to my own helmet. My outstretched tongue running circles around my head, lapping up the sweet flow of precum which leaked like a broken tap.

I pulled on my legs harder and edged a little more in, gradually it sunk it further until I realised that I had managed to get the entire head inside my mouth. My moans a mix of relief and arousal. Having spent so long with Biggie?s dick in there I suddenly had a real one. It felt warmer, softer and harder at the same time. My mind flashed thoughts of what it would be like if it was someone else?s. The sensations of the dildo mixing with my own cock, and visions filling my mind. I didn?t know what Biggie looked like so his dildo had no image attached to it, I instantly transferred to the only other person I could think of. What would Marc?s cock feel like to suck?

My lips still wrapped around my own meat, I flipped and imagined what it would feel like to be the one being sucked and Ellies image filled my consciousness. For the next twenty minutes or so, my mind flip flopped between what it would feel like to either suck Marc or be sucked by Ellie. And as the throbbing in my nipples grew louder I realised that unless I stopped my orgasm would be following shortly.

I reluctantly uncoiled myself, and lay gasping on the bed, I was a mess. Breathing heavily as my mind flashed the images that had been drawn into my consciousness. I felt so very flushed as I acknowledged that I was very curious about what sucking Marc?s dick would feel like, and how much I would absolutely love to have Ellie in that position too. The duality of it was something I had accepted after what happened in the shower, but right now, I was so horny I only really thought about what would get me off the best.

I recalled to my audience the interactions I had with them I real life, and what had been going through my mind as I sucked myself just now. They seemed to love me talking about it and I delved deeper into how I felt, and how inescapable it was that the thought of being with either of them turned me on.

I had been going for quite a while by this point but knew that the ultimate goal for tonight?s show as to take the new giant member and it would take some warming up to achieve. I was already quite relaxed back there, but I had no way of making incremental steps. It was a big jump from the largest of my old toys to the new one, and no way of avoiding it.

With the rest of the challenges met, my total was looking very healthy. Now it was just a case of fitting this veiny, thick chunk of silicone meat inside my ass and I could feel myself twitch and clench in anticipation. I mounted it on a stool in the prime position in-front of the cameras, I moved the extra ones to make sure I captured all the angles as there was only going to be one first time I took something so big.

With Biggies dildo attached firmly, I applied a copious amount of lube to it all the way down to the base. My ass was already dripping from toying with it for the last four hours and it was now or never. Stepping into position I straddled the stool and gradually lowered myself down. I looked on screen as my reflection played out, my stockings and garter belt the only remaining items of clothing, my nipples impossibly erect and my own incredibly hard cock standing to attention at the anticipation of what was to come.

I felt the cool head nudge against my hole, its sheer size making its presence known. One hand opened my ass cheeks and the other held onto the shaft to guide it to the right spot. I applied some weight and felt it centre and gradually part my virgin rosebud. All my other toys felt like nothing compared to this and I had to take my time gradually dropping lower.

My hole opened up as half of the head made its way inside, as more pressure was applied I felt resistance and with each millimetre an incremental amount of pain. As it became too uncomfortable to continue I would pause and try to relax, as the discomfort eased I would carry on little buy little. It got the point where I thought I would never be able to fit it in, the pressure and pain was exhausting.

My legs began to tire and as my strength failed I was unable to hold myself up. The pain ramped up and I cried out loud, doing my best to hold the position and become accustomed to it. I bit my lip and whimpered, suddenly something gave and I felt a pop. My legs twitched and I slid down a full inch. I howled in agony, but as I regained my balance, and brought my ragged breathing under control, the pain rapidly faded. To be replaced by the most amazing sense of fullness.

I was swearing and cursing, I looked down over my sweaty torso to see my own cock as hard as ever, a river of precum flowing from its tip. And with each slight and gentle movement, the massive intruder nudged my insides in the most amazing way. I tried to talk to my fans but I couldn?t speak, just moans and whines escaped my mouth. The feelings of discomfort were being replaced by the most unimaginable pleasure. I tried to raise up and gradually pulled back until I could feel the flared head against my ring, I then eased down and my relaxing hole allowed me to sink further down its length emitting a satisfied growl as it nudged never before parts of my depths.

I gradually eased in and out, each time dropping further down its length. I could feel every single ridge and bump, stimulating me like nothing before. I focused on finding the perfect angle and sliding up and down taking more and more each time. Deep within me I could feel it exploring my inner depths, filling me like nothing else. My noises were incoherent, I tried to talk again but all I could do was swear. It felt so fucking good, ?oh Biggie, your cock feels so good? fell out of my mouth.

And it was true, in all the times I had played before, nothing had come close to this, I was forever spoilt. My mind flushed with images of him at home stroking himself, how this is what it might actually feel like to be fucked by a real dick. my body was in another place as my movement became more erratic and desperate. I wanted more, my body craved more and with each inch that slid in, it became easier and more pleasurable.

The speed of my thrusts increased, I found myself tilting and grinding my hips with each motion down, anything to get this massive cock to mash against my prostate. I could feel it with each repetition, that impending rise of ecstasy, but unlike my previous ones this centred from my very core. All my energy was focussed on chasing that feeling. I didn?t need to play with my own cock, or even squeeze my throbbing nipples, the sensations of this monumental silicone dick filling my ass was all I desired.

My throat, horse from being stuffed with the same toy not log ago, groaned with every thrust, my feminine pines echoing throughout my apartment, I chased the white light that was building from deep within me. Every fibre beckoning it to the surface, willing it to explode from my very being.

Sounds numbed as I slammed harder and deeper, every extra millimetre sending me closer to orgasmic relief. my senses becoming flooded my eyes glazed as I try to focus on the screen to read the chat but it is impossible. I glance at the monitor and the playback from the camera. The slim girl displayed riding an impossibly large fake dick, deep in her ass. Her sweat covered body clad in stocking rising up and down with gusto and her face the very picture of sexual enlightenment.

The only thing looking out of place is the soaking wet erection bobbing and slapping her taught stomach with every thrust but it is the very epitome of arousal. That vision of sexual perfection is me, but my body and mind appear detached. Overloaded with the impending climax which surges through my entire body. My cock suddenly spasming with a gigantic lurch, as cum exploded from the tip, jettisoning a stream up in the air, crashing down over my face and chest.

Unable to process what is happening each thrust is met by another splurge of jizz, firing out and covering my body. I lose count of the number of loads as my body runs on auto pilot slamming down the length of Biggies replica dick. eventually the waves begin to subside and the rushing sound of my own heartbeat fades from my ears to be replaced by the pings ringing out from the computer.

My bleary eyes struggle to focus as aftershocks continue to make my entire body twitch and shake. With ragged breathing and pounding heart I finally find my voice. ?Holy fucking shit that was intense? I gasp, still impaled on my fans imitation cock. The chat has gone wild, tokens constantly ping in, my viewer count is off the scale and I?m struggling to take it all in.

After some time I summon the energy to lift myself off, but as I slide up I unbelievably feel it stir my arousal. And as the bulbus head nudges my most sensitive spot inside I can sense my body recharging. I slide back down and there it is again, my mind flashes and I can?t help but want more.

After only a few strokes I can feel another orgasm starting to build, my now very limp and entirely spent dick is flapping about, and this one feels even more different. I mumble how good it feels, my senses seem more intact and I fixate on the playback on the screen. I can?t comprehend how much of Biggies cock is sliding in and out. And then I feel it. The spheres of silicone at the base making contact with my ass.

I?m managing to get nearly the full length inside. Every single inch of it triggers the most delightful pulse of pleasure. My spare hands grasping and tweaking my nipples adding to the surge in desire. I can?t believe I?m going to cum again, but it is happening, my still soft penis flapping around.

With more consciousness, I flex and work my hips, extracting as much as I can from each thrust of the dildo, my body feels alive, every pore of my skin on fire with desire, each pinch or caress of my hand is like a thousand all over. I push harder, fucking myself deeper, driving manically up and down to reach my goal.

?I need to cum again? I cry out, desperate to get over the line, frantically thrusting, I grab my flaccid cock and pull it, grasping my balls and squeezing, anything to get me there. I?m grunting and groaning. Begging for release, speeding up and now slamming up and down, I can?t get hard but I don?t care. Everything feels amazing, my entire body is alive and all I want is to cum.

With each thrust, I can feel myself getting to the point of no return. I want nothing more, I can hear the pings in the distance, but there is something else. A buzz, or a vibration from something, had I left one of my toys on? I couldn?t remember, I didn?t care, I just wanted to cum, I needed to cum right now.

As the wave approached a light on my desk catching my eyes, my phone was flashing, the screen blinking as someone was calling me. The crescendo of sensation rapidly surging, the raw heat of climax swelling as it had moments before, my phone buzzed persistently but I could do nothing about it. Looking fully in its direction I realised in that moment that it was my boss. The important call than he had emailed about earlier in the week. My future employment!

But I was too far gone, my whole body creased and contorted. The biggest of full body spasms gripped me and I felt and orgasm rip through me. My cock stiffened slightly but failed to become hard as my climaxed tore me apart, a large ooze of cum leaking from it, merging with a second and third surge that seemed to flow in one constant river.

My earlier orgasm had been bursts of pleasure but this seemed to roll in one giant tsunami, crashing over me and my limp dick just carried on leaking cum as I sat impaled on Biggie?s dick. twitching, spasming and moaning through the most complete body climax I?d ever had. My mind blank but for the feeling of utter satisfaction.

I raised myself off the giant toy, and collapsed on the bed, soaked with cum and sweat. My hands covered with it, but I was unable to summon the energy to feed it to myself. I lay there for a good five minutes, gradually coming down from the most incredible high, I kept on laughing to myself as aftershocks continued to make my body twitch. The pings ringing out.

My god, I had done it. I?d take the entire thing, and it felt absolutely incredible. Suddenly it dawned on me, Biggie will have paid it final donation, holy shit how much did I have? I brought myself to the chair and strained my eyes to look on screen. I sat open mouthed and in disbelief, I had obliterated my previous bests, with Biggies tokens and everyone else?s it was almost double my previous best. Not to mention with the number of viewers I had, I?d made it to the top row on the Trans cams and almost onto the top 10 of regular cams. Holy Fucking Shit I?d done it!

And then suddenly panic. The call! The super important call from my boss, I needed to ring him back. This wasn?t good, this wasn?t good at all. I thanked everyone profusely, especially Biggie, for everything he had done, not just the money but the encouragement. I was absolutely buzzing from the results of the show, but now I had the rising dread of whatever was to come from the call.

I was a complete mess, strings of cum hung from my face, body and hands. I was shaking, and could barely hold the phone with my trembling fingers. Gingerly I keyed out my bosses? number, my sticky painted fingernails leaving smears on the phone screen, nerves blasting my stomach with incredible tension.

I took a deep breath as I hit the green dial button and it started to ring. He answered and we exchanged pleasantries, as before he commented on my voice which I had failed to realise how out of breath I still sounded and decidedly coarse too. Passing it off that I?d just got back from a run which is why I didn?t answer straight away, be bought it and continued about what the company was doing with its re-structuring.

My heart was in my mouth, the thing which I had dreaded since the moment I had been put on furlough was about to come to a head. He spoke through their plans, about how several departments were being dissolved including mine. I barely spoke as he continued, this was it, I was out of a job, I?d be unemployed but for my income from camming. Suddenly his voice brought me back ?do you understand what I?m saying? he repeated, clearly having just repeated himself. ?Sorry I?m not sure I do? was my meek reply.

He went on to detail that while my department and others we?re going to be abandoned, they were going to form a new team with a few they considered the best, the idea being refocus the company. My position would change, but it would be a significant promotion and reflected in the salary. This time I had heard him perfectly, but was too stunned to speak.

?Are you there?? a now irritated boss demanded ?I?m sorry, this is all just so much to take in? I responded, ?of course, and we wouldn?t expect your answer immediately, we understand this is quite the step up for you, but we hope that you will help take the company into the future. We will send an email with all the details of your new role, and a contract for you to sign should you wish to accept. We only ask that you give us an answer by the end of next week, is that OK?? dumfounded I mumbled a reply. The line went dead and I sat there with the phone still held to my ear.

This wasn?t the outcome I expected at all. I put my phone down and looked at my cum covered hand, my perfectly manicured and painted nails. My stockings covered in white spatters, my body sweating after I just fucked myself to two monumental orgasms with a replica of someone?s actual cock. What had I done? How had I let it go this far? How far down the rabbit hole had I fallen? I looked at my hands again, a large drip of my cum hung from my little finger and without thinking I brought it to my mouth and licked it clean.

What the hell was I going to do?
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