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Standart Daughter of the Revolution Ch. 06

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Abby pushed Alec hard that afternoon and well into the night. Luckily the moon was full, allowing her to navigate with relative ease. About halfway through their journey home she noticed he was flagging badly. Stopping her mount, she slid over on his to sit behind him, taking his reins from his stiff fingers. She talked to him while poking and prodding him constantly to keep him awake and upright in the saddle. She was afraid he'd pass out on her and fall to the ground.
"You dragging me home in the dark is starting to become a habit," he teased in a tired voice.
"We're almost there, sweetheart, hang in there another hour and I'll have you in a tub of hot water," she cajoled.
He nodded in agreement and she felt him straighten up a bit and raise his chin higher.
"That's it, lover. Just a little more," she purred, and squeezed him tightly from behind.
She slid a hand down to his wounded thigh and fingered his bandage. It was caked with dried blood. Thankfully, it wasn't bleeding anymore, she thought with relief.
As they rode in the yard she saw a dim light from the window and she knew the girls were still awake so she called out for them. Bedlam ensued from inside the cabin as surprised cries filtered through the thick walls.
Rose and June stumbled out on the porch in disarray. June held a lantern high to see the filthy blood soaked couple weaving in the saddle. Even Abby had met her limit and she was near exhaustion.
The two girls quickly got them inside the cabin and sat down by the fire. June immediately began heating water for washing while Rose warmed up leftovers for their dinner. Abby and Alec ate like they were starving, which they nearly were as they'd been on the move constantly throughout the day and half the night.
The two fighters were struggling to stay awake so Abby tugged Alec down to sit on the floor and lean back on their bed, then she went out and recovered her bottle of laudanum from her saddle bag. She gave him a small dose to help ease his pain before they both dropped off to sleep until Rose woke them to get cleaned up.
"Alec first, he's been wounded," Abby said in a voice rough with sleep. Rose and June carefully stripped him naked and wedged his big body in the tub. Abby slept again while the two women tenderly cleaned him and tended his nasty leg wound. He slept nearly the whole time except when they pried his wound open and poured whiskey in the cut to disinfect it, at which he squawked in pain and clutched his leg tightly.
The girls finally got him on the bed and June traded out dirty bath water for fresh and hot. They pulled Abby up and dunked her in the tub where she awoke long enough to give the two women the highlights of their adventure. Abby finally stood to allow June to dry her body with her favorite towel, then she inspected her wound for the first time. The redcoat's bullet had cut a shallow groove in her bicep that ached abominably.
June tutted over it and went to get her sewing kit. Abby gritted her teeth while June set a half dozen stitches, tugging the edges of it together nicely. Abby kissed her in thanks, then looked closely at Alec's wound for the first time. She frowned in concern when she saw how deep it was.
"June, can you sew up a wound like that?" she asked quietly.
"Yes, Mistress, I can," she allowed with confidence. "I can sew most anything."
"Please do then. I'll try to help out."
"Nonsense!" Rose broke in. "You crawl in bed and cuddle up to your man, I'll help June."
Nodding in acquiescence, Abby slid in naked next to a nearly unconscious Alec, and before June set the first stitch, she was out cold along with her lover.
Rose allowed them to sleep in the next day until nearly noon. She stood next to them and shook Abby lightly who slowly woke from a deep sleep. She opened her eyes to see Rose looking down at Alec with a longing expression on her beautiful face. Abby decided her time to share had finally come.
"Come on in, snuggle with us a bit," she offered, while flipping the blanket back. Rose looked startled but overcame her surprise quickly and with an eager smile dropped her clothing to the floor and slid in next to Alec's large frame.
She put her head on his broad chest and threw a leg over his, then cuddled in close. She sighed in pleasure and a peaceful look came over her face. Abby reached across Alec and caressed Rose's shoulder and gave her a sweet smile.
"Mmm, thank you, honey. I needed this so badly," Rose whispered. The two women joined their man in sleep for another hour until Abby decided to get up because she was hungry. Leaving Rose with Alec, she went out to relieve herself and check up on June who was diligently weeding their small garden.
"Someone needs you inside," Abby told her with a smile.
June raised an eyebrow and obediently wandered in the cabin. Abby followed her and enjoyed her surprise at seeing Rose in bed with Alec.
"Join them while I fix some lunch," Abby urged.
June gave her a hug and kissed her while her eyes brimmed with escort izmir tears.
"I'm so glad you two are back safely. When I heard you call out to us last night I feared the worst!" June exclaimed softly.
Abby helped her undress and tucked her in next to Alec. Like Rose, she snuggled in deep to his side and let out a huge sigh.
"I've forgotten how nice it is to hold a man, they smell so good," she whispered to Abby, who nodded and bent over to kiss her cheek.
Just as Abby finished up cooking lunch, Alec woke up to find himself buried under warm, female flesh. Surprised, he looked at Abby forlornly and she smiled at him happily and nodded to him in assent. He cautiously gathered the girls in his arms and hugged them gently while they stirred and kissed his cheeks.
"Am I in heaven?" he asked in wonder.
Abby came over and slid on top of him while Rose and June adjusted their naked bodies.
"You are now, big man," Abby whispered and licked his ear, giving him goosebumps that fled down his arms and chest. The other two women kissed his cheeks while he flamed red with embarrassment.
"You better get used to this," Abby threatened, then gave him her sweet lips and he sighed in contentment.
The three women giggled when his belly rumbled ominously. The four got dressed and sat at the table for their meal. Rose and June were full of questions about their adventure and Abby explained all that had happened, careful to talk about how brave Alec was and how he'd slaughtered so many soldiers singlehandedly.
She didn't speak of herself at all, happy to give Alec all the glory. It was up to him to tell the women how Abby had quickly planned turning the cannon on it's owners and how she'd saved his life by besting the officer in single combat.
Rose and June were more than impressed and fawned over the triumphant fighters until they blushed red with embarrassment.
Talk turned to their wounds, and after lunch Rose changed their bandages and put on some water to heat for laundry. Their traveling clothes were filthy and bloodstained, needing a good cleaning.
While Rose washed clothes, Alec borrowed June's seamstress measuring tape and disappeared outside. Soon the sound of an axe chopping wood rang out and later on, hammering. The girls stayed busy throughout the afternoon, cleaning rifles, mending clothes and preparing dinner.
Alec showed up and demanded some help. He'd crafted a large wooden frame and informed the girls it would accommodate both their mattresses side by side. Female eyes rounded and nipples stiffened when the meaning of his words sank in. Eagerly they dropped what they were doing and helped him assemble their new sleeping accommodations.
When they were finished he flopped down on the new bed, spreading his arms and legs wide.
"Wonderful!" he announced, "Tis the biggest bed I've ever been in!"
All three women dog piled him, tickling and kissing him until he begged for mercy. He was laughing and crying at the same time while grabbing his leg in pain. Abby examined him and had to replace his bandage because his stitches had pulled slightly. He sucked up all the female pity shamelessly and forgave them all with deep kisses.
Abby was taking it better than she thought she would and gave him a beautiful smile when he looked at her questioningly with his arms full of her friends.
After dinner he went out to milk their new cow and Abby took the chance to talk with Rose and June.
"How about we play with Alec a bit tonight, but try to take it easy on him. I want him badly and I know you two do as well, but he needs to take it easy on his leg for another day or two, especially after all the work he did for us today."
"I agree. He's more tired than he let's on, I can wait another day or two, but it's killing me. My pussy was soaking wet this morning when I laid down with him!" June shivered and unconsciously rubbed her thighs together.
"Mine too, he's so warm and sexy and he smells delicious. I could just eat him up!" Rose whispered conspiratorially.
"How about we clean him up good tonight, then give him an orgasm and a good nights sleep and not allow him to do anything tomorrow but heal up?" Abby said.
The girls agreed and the three put their heads together, plotting his evening of pleasure. Abby rustled around the cabin and found a pipe and tobacco she'd taken from one of her recent victims, then she poured a tall glass of brandy and when Alec came in she sat him down by the fire and packed the pipe for him. He was beside himself with joy.
"I haven't had a pipe in what seems like forever!" he exclaimed happily. Soon, fragrant smoke filled the air, and the girls joined him with their own small cups of strong drink. Rose and June soon got up and stripped him naked while Abby gathered a bucket of warm water and a wash rag. He sighed in pleasure while the women wiped him down, cleaning the sweat of the day's labors from his tall frame.
Abby sat him down again and began massaging his neck and shoulders while surreptitiously izmir escort bayan tossing her own clothes to the floor. Rose and June undressed behind him then knelt on the floor between his legs and pushed his knees apart. His eyes had been closed in euphoria from enjoying Abby's hands but they snapped open in surprise when he felt the girl's hands on his legs.
Rose gave him a sultry wink and June had an absolutely wanton look on her dusky face. He groaned when Rose caught his thick cock in her small hand and June leaned in to sample the tip of his head with her pink tongue. He grew rapidly and June exclaimed in surprise when the first drop of pre-cum appeared. She licked it up and rolled it around with her tongue with a gleam in her eye.
Rose squeezed his shaft from root to tip and a long string of his juice appeared to be sucked up by an eager June. Abby kissed his neck, then turned his head to kiss him deeply, sucking his tongue in her mouth and then driving her tongue into his.
He gasped at the sensations his women were giving him and his cock jerked and flexed in Rose's gentle hand.
"You ladies are killing me. I can't last much longer," he groaned in frustration.
"That's ok, honey," June purred while meeting his eyes sexily. "Just relax and let it happen. We're here to make you feel good."
He nodded and leaned his head back between Abby's firm tits, then spread his legs wider to allow June more room to work. Abby ran her hands over his thick pectorals and gently played with his nipples until they hardened under her clever fingers. She watched her friends begin to work on her man and her eyebrows flew upward in surprise.
They both began licking his now massively swollen cock head while using their hands to cup and cradle his big balls and stroke his long, thick shaft. Almost immediately he started breathing heavily and his hips began involuntarily thrusting towards their eager mouths. The girls picked up on his warning signs and pulled back to tease him using only their hands. June stroked his heavy balls while Rose used her thumbs to milk him until long streams of pre-cum poured down his length to coat her fingers with his slick.
He slowly calmed down until June swooped in to suck him clean and tease his weeping slit with her tongue. In a handful of seconds he was again thrusting his hips helplessly towards her wet mouth, seeking his orgasm.
"Aaah!" he groaned, almost in pain. "Please, I can't stop myself!"
Instantly, June covered his swollen head with her mouth and sucked him hard while Rose stroked him rapidly. With a wild cry he rammed his hips towards June's mouth and unloaded his aching balls with massive spurts of hot cum. He released such a huge amount that June choked and coughed when he deluged the back of her throat. Cum poured out from around her lips and Rose quickly dove in to lick his exposed shaft, slurping up his thick, white, man juice with a muffled cry of joy.
Violent spasms wracked his body as he came and Abby watched in fascination as her friends worshipped at the altar of hot, dripping cock. June twitched when Rose ran a hand between her thighs to stroke her soaking wet pussy.
She groaned in pleasure and ran his cock as far down her throat as she could take him, then came helplessly on Rose's nimble fingers. Her pussy juice dripped down to cover Rose's palm and drip on the floor between her spasming thighs. She and Alec joined each other in orgasm until their bodies finally went limp in blissful completion.
He finally groaned in satisfaction and his tense muscles relaxed until he felt almost boneless. Abby bent down beside him and kissed him gently while the two girls licked and sucked him until he was limp and spent. Rose got to her feet and tugged him to bed.
"Relax, my sweet. Rest for awhile and enjoy yourself," she crooned as she settled his head on two pillows.
"I've already enjoyed myself, immensely," he said as he settled in comfortably.
"Oh, there's more, Mr." she winked naughtily.
His eyebrows rose when she pulled June in bed to settle between her raised knees. Abby almost fell over when she saw June's tongue split Rose's pussy open and dive inside to tease and torment her. She must have been doing a great job because her lover's voice called out in pleasure and her hands tugged June's head deeper between her thighs.
Abby slid in beside Alec and together they watched the two women make love.
After several minutes of tender licking and sucking, Rose began rolling her hips and making encouraging sounds between her clenched teeth. June slid a finger inside her and slowly rubbed it over her G-spot and pushed her over the edge.
Rose almost screamed in pleasure and flogged her hips against June's wet mouth, soaking her in she-cum. June ran two more fingers inside her and twisted them vigorously as she pumped in and out of her tight pussy. She sucked her clit hard and fluttered her nimble tongue on it until Rose exploded in a massive multiple orgasm.
She unknowingly clenched Alec's hand in hers izmir escortlar while clamping her thighs tightly around June's head, and poured herself into her eager mouth. Abby gasped in wonder at how hard Rose was coming. She'd never seen her friend like this before and she was enjoying it far more than she would have expected.
Rose finally shuddered, then squeaked in protest and pushed June away from her.
"Oh shit! So sensitive! June, you're simply wonderful!" she gushed, then pulled June up over her body and kissed her deeply, licking and sucking her own taste from her wet mouth. June noticed Alec was watching intently from just inches away and she broke away to share a kiss with him. Rose followed her and he moaned when he sucked Rose's sweet taste from June's tongue. Abby watched enviously as her friends swapped kisses with her man until she couldn't take it anymore. She leaned in to claim his mouth for her own, then started in surprise when both June's and Rose's tongues battled her for position.
In shock, she pulled back, then noticed how blissful Alec was. He smiled lovingly at her while his big hand pulled her down to meet his lips, and she was lost. She gave herself the only way she knew how, totally and completely. Rose and June shared his hot kisses with her until she was writhing against him and humping his thigh helplessly with her wet pussy.
He gently freed himself from the two women and pulled Abby up to straddle his face. She put her hands on the log wall for balance and settled down on his hot mouth to lose herself to sensation.
He licked her gently, teasing her inner lips and tight opening while avoiding her swollen clit until she was crying out in frustration over him. His hands rose up to cup her full tits and strong fingers tugged and rolled her nipples until they ached longingly for more. As she neared orgasm, she cupped his head in her hands and almost violently pulled his face deep in the fork of her straining thighs. She rained hot she-cum down his throat when her orgasm smashed into her like an avalanche.
Her hips erratically jerked and spasmed when he caught her clit and sucked it in his mouth to stroke it firmly with his tongue. June and Rose both gasped in wonder at sight of their beautiful blonde friend soaking Alec's face with her love juice.
Eventually, she came down from her high to slide down and collapse on his broad chest while burying her face in his neck. June and Rose hovered over them and shared his mouth between them, tasting Abby for the first time.
"Mmmm, you two are absolutely delicious," Rose murmured happily.
"Yes, they are," June agreed softly, and sucked his tongue in her mouth for another sample.
As they rested, Alec gently fell asleep under his burden of satisfied women and they whispered their love for each other before they too nodded off in the arms of Morpheus.
The next day dawned bright and warm. The girls begged Alec to come swimming with them in a nearby lake and he happily agreed. After a good breakfast, they saddled their horses and headed out. It was only a mile or so to the lake and they made good time despite the route that led them through the dense forest.
They'd hoped that Alec would get some rest that day, but he was a young man and had recovered his energy quickly. He insisted that he swim a few laps around the lake for exercise and the girls were amazed at how graceful and quick he was in the water. They loved watching him swim by while his firm bottom and lean back flexed and rippled with tight muscle. More than one pussy was wet and wanting at the sight.
They finally talked him out of the water to rest on a clean blanket spread on the ground. June checked the stitches in his wound and they'd held nicely despite his exertions.
Abby sat next to him and stroked the bristly whiskers on his face. He hadn't shaved since she'd rescued him and she noticed he'd taken to scratching them often, figuring they must be uncomfortable for him. He must have read her mind because he commented about it.
"My whiskers get a certain length and get itchy as hell. If I can get through that stage and they get longer and softer it's easier to put up with," he said while rubbing his face briskly.
"Do you mind if I shave you?"
He gave her a bit of a sideways look.
"Have you ever done it before?"
"No, but June has, she can talk me through it."
June slid over to rub her tits on his big bicep.
"You betcha, I can shave many things, quite closely in fact," she said with a sultry smile and kissed his rough cheek.
He sighed in resignation. "I'm yours, ladies. Do what you will to this poor soldier!"
June went to her horse and returned with her shaving kit while he looked at her curiously.
"Something tells me I'm the victim of a devious plot," he said chuckling.
"Indeed you are," Rose piped up from her blanket.
He glanced over at her and caught his breath. She was laying on her back with her hands tucked behind her head. She was still dripping from her swim and the cool breeze had dusted her breasts and arms in goosebumps while her nipples were delightfully hard and pointing skyward. Her pussy was a round mound between her prominent hip bones and was split like a ripe peach down it's center.
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