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Standart Being Neighborly Ch. 03

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Dave spent the next three hours willing the clock to move faster, he showered again and called his friend Mike to make plans for golf outing sometime next week. He listened distractedly while Mike bitched about his ex-wife and how he was getting raped in the divorce proceedings.

It was 4:45 when he disconnected with Mike feeling sorry for the poor bastard, but still soaring on the notion that Kelsey would be arriving any moment. He was whistling as he opened a beer and sat at the counter, clad only in a pair of shorts waiting for the knock at the door. He heard her footsteps on the porch moments before the knock but waited a few seconds to open the door, lest he seem sad and desperate. Tonight she was wearing a mini skirt of stretchy fabric and a sleeveless button up top; the top four buttons were undone revealing another lace-trimmed bra. High-heeled sandals showed off recently painted toenails and she smelled like fresh flowers.

"Hi!" she chirped her eyes sparkling.

"Hi there." he answered lamely, momentarily stunned at her beauty.

She dropped her bag on the floor and threw her arms around his neck as he pushed the door closed. His cock was instantly erect as she kissed him parting her lips and delicately probing with her tongue. Her lip-gloss tasted like cherry and Dave reached around to cup her ass. The skirt was so short that when she reached up he bare ass cheeks were revealed. Dave sighed deeply at the thought of no panties under the skirt and kissed her back even more deeply. She rubbed her stomach against his cock feeling the length of him pressed against her. Parting momentarily for a breath of air Dave opened his eyes. Tugging his hands she pulled him toward the living room.

"I've been waiting all day for this." She confessed to him as she unbuttoned his shorts. He'd left the belt off in anticipation of tonight and she pushed his boxers down toward his ankles. Dave was naked now and he began pulling at the buttons on her top while she wrapped her hands around his cock. He unclasped her bra from the back and waited as she tossed the shirt and bra aside. Rather than puling her skirt down he tugged up on the hem instead sliding the fabric up to her hips he slid his hand between her thighs and whispered "Me too."

Her cunt was slick with juice and his finger slipped right in while she moaned with pleasure. She continued to tug on his shaft while he finger fucked her, sensing that she was nice and hot he stopped, hoping that he could slow her down a little and draw the pleasure out. He waited for her to open her eyes.

"Tell me what you want." he asked playing with her nipples, spreading the juice from her pussy along her tits, knowing that he would lick it off later.

"I..." placed beşiktaş escort on the spot she hesitated slightly "I'm not sure." Dave smiled at her shyness.

"You must have thought about it a little bit." He teased pinching her nipples between his fingers.

"I want to ride you." She said softly, "Will you show me how?"

"You've never been on top before?" Dave was taken aback by the confession and the plea to be taught excited him even more. She shook her head and looked away.

"Before yesterday the only orgasm I ever had was with a vibrator." she flushed slightly, embarrassed.

"Oh well then, let's fix that." Dave sat on the couch and reached into the table drawer. Kelsey watched as he ripped open the condom and deftly rolled it onto his cock. "Climb on." he invited opening his arms. Kelsey straddled his waist knees on either side of him. He noticed she was shaking a bit as he guided his cock beneath her pussy. She lowered herself onto him gently easing his full thickness in slowly allowing her tight wet hole to stretch as it swallowed the length of his cock. As he gave her time to get used to him, he licked and sucked at her nipples hands caressing her ass as she moaned softly.

"How does it feel?" He asked. "Am I hurting you?"

"God no!" she gasped.

He moved his hands to her hips and began to rock her back and forth on his cock, she picked up the rhythm quickly making whimpering noises as he helped her ride his cock, soon she was bouncing up and down with his thrusting, slick with sweat his sucked her tits and tried not to come when he felt her pussy tighten and constrict around his cock. She threw her head back in wild abandon as she rode him.

"Fuck yes!" she cried as she came violently moaning and heaving for breath.

Dave's cock was close to bursting and he held her in place so as not to lose control. He listened to her breathing even out as the orgasm subsided. Dave was amazed that she had never been on top before, and laughed as she brought her eyes back into focus.

"Are you sure you've never done this before?" He teased her and she smiled this time rocking back and forth on her own she placed Dave's hands on her breasts and rode him again. Her second orgasm came faster and Dave was having trouble holding back. Wanting to take back control Dave stood and flipped her onto the couch on her back, not missing a beat she wrapped her legs around his waist and lifted her hips to meet his and he thrust deeply into her pussy. Buried in her wetness he allowed himself to come with a deep groan he continued to stroke into her pussy as he emptied himself into the condom.

He kissed her lips gently and eased his limp etiler escort cock out of her pussy. Standing he peeled off the condom and went into the kitchen to dispose of it. He grabbed a cold beer from the fridge and a can of coke and returned naked to the living room. Kelsey was seated on the couch topless though she had pulled her skirt back down to cover herself, he sat down next to her and handed her the coke. She drank silently eyes wide and amused as she watched him sip his beer.

"Tell me," he said smiling at her, "What kind of arrangement do we have here?"

She laughed easily, putting down the soda can. "Well, Dave, I think we would be called "fuck buddies" in today's world."

"Fuck-buddies?" Dave considered the term, "I guess I can live with that."

Dave reached over and pressed a key into her hand. "It's the key to the side door." He explained, "You don't have to knock anymore." When she looked confused, He went on, "Anyone who rides my cock like that has a free pass to the house. Anytime you feel like stopping by, please do." and smiled at her.

Kelsey laughed heartily, "Thanks." she said and stood up. "You know my parents are coming back tomorrow."

"I know." he said, "but they work."

She graced him with a devilish grin as she fastened her bra and pulled her top around her.

"To be honest with you," she looked at him, "they didn't want to leave me alone this weekend. They didn't trust me not to have a wild orgy party by the pool." The irony of the situation was not lost on Dave, "That's why Dad asked you to keep an eye on things."

"Turns out it was me he shouldn't have trusted." Dave smiled wryly, "Pretty sure that fucking his daughter six ways from Sunday wasn't what he had in mind when he asked me to keep an eye on you." Kelsey laughed at the comment and stepped into his arms, looking up, her blouse still unbuttoned, her tiny frame pressed against his naked body Dave's cock saluted again despite its recent work out. Kissing his chest Kelsey looked up at Dave, "I love it when you talk like that."

She seemed embarrassed to admit that she liked dirty talk. The confession turned him on even more and he felt his pulse start racing. "I forgot to thank you for the obscene phone call earlier. Very hot." He added.

"Your welcome." she said teasing the tip of his cock with her fingertips, "Thanks for the show."

"Did it turn you on?" he asked honestly curious, he'd never jerked off in front of anyone before.

"Absolutely. I just wish I'd been able to see better." She continued to tease his cock tracing small circles over the head as a drop of pre-cum appeared. Knowing what he was about to offer Dave taksim escort knew he'd completely lost his mind.

"Do you want to watch now?" he asked, this girl had asked him to teach her how to ride a cock and it was only fair that he give her something in return.

"Upstairs?' she asked, eyes wide and breathing increasing with excitement. Stopping to pick up her bag Dave led Kelsey up the stairs to the master bedroom, he watched her tug down her skirt and remove the bra and shirt she'd started to put on down stairs.

"Can I sit here?" she asked indicating the end of the bed.

"Anywhere you want." Dave was suddenly feeling a little shy, "I've never done this for a live audience before."

His hands shook slightly as he removed the tube of lube from the table drawer. Settling himself on the bed he leaned back and squeezed the lube into his hand he looked at Kelsey and saw that she had pulled a small silver vibrator from her bag. She was waiting for him to start eyes focused on his prick as he grasped it in the lube-covered hand. Dave closed his eyes and listened to the sound of the vibrator and her soft moans as he stroked his cock. God he was getting so hot listening to her moan. Soon his balls tightened and his pace quickened he was stroking faster, his hand a blur and then he was coming, squirting hot sticky cum all over his stomach. He opened his eyes, when he felt Kelsey shift her weight on the bed. She was crawling toward him, she stopped, hovering over his stomach and leaned down to lick the cum off of his stomach. She moved higher leaning down to kiss him; the taste of his cum on her tongue was sexy as hell.

"I have to go." She whispered, "Thank you." kissing him again, she slid off the bed and wriggled into her skirt. This time she buttoned her blouse leaving the same four top buttons open.

"Hot date?" he teased, relaxing in his bed, the cum drying on his stomach, he was fully satisfied in a way he hadn't been in long time.

"Brian." Kelsey confessed, "I told him I'd meet him at 8."

"Charge him more." Dave advised, "Your tongue gives a fifty dollar blowjob."

Kelsey laughed out loud.

"Seriously." Dave insisted, "I've paid hundreds for the things you did for me tonight."

"Maybe I will." she winked at him and tucking her vibrator back into her bag, she blew him a kiss and waved as she flounced out of his bedroom.

Dave listened as the downstairs door closed. A few minutes later he heard Kelsey's car start. Dave sighed and rolled over, still naked and on top of the covers he thought about the night's activities. Damn. She's a great little fuck.

Dave got up and showered rinsing the cum and pussy juice off of his body. He pulled on boxer shorts and ate cold pizza sitting at the kitchen counter. It was one am when he saw the lights go on next door and he knew Kelsey had gotten home safely. He locked the doors and climbed into bed. He was asleep almost instantly and dreamed of being inside Kelsey's tight little cunt staring down at her tramp stamp while he pummeled her from behind.
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