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The Party

Lily was a hot one tonight, looking downright hookerish just the way she wanted to. She was out with two friends and they'd gotten into the exclusive new club and what a great night this was going to be. The place was hot, beautifully decorated with a large dance floor surrounded by tables and banquettes, and vip areas upstairs overlooking those below. They were all thrilled to have gotten in and were amongst celebrities and the crème de la crème of Hollywood.

Lily was at the bar sipping her third drink of the evening. She wasn't drunk yet but had a pleasant buzz. Her companions were dancing with a couple of pretty guys. She turned when she felt a hand on her back and saw a very attractive man leaning in looking at her. He introduced himself as Jeff and asked if he could join her. Lily smiled and said sure he could join her. Jeff ordered two more drinks and he toasted her when they arrived. ?Here's to a beautiful girl.? He leaned in and kissed her and she couldn't help but respond. Jeff was quite gorgeous and very friendly.

They talked for a while and seemed to have a lot in common. Lily felt comfortable with Jeff already and that didn't happen often. Jeff asked Lily if she had plans for the evening because he had an invitation to what could be a great party up in the hills. Apparently it was quite exclusive and at the home of some rich guy and celebrities were expected to be there. Jeff asked Lily if she'd go with him. He said he really liked her and would like to spend the evening with her. Lily really couldn't see the harm in it, there'd be lots of people there and anyway only the best people came to a club like this.

As she prepared to leave she sought out her companions to tell them but they were fully occupied with cute guys of their own and so she walked over to each and quickly whispered to them that she was leaving with Jeff. They just waved and said have a good time and went back to paying attention to the guys they'd met.

Lily was impressed when the valet drove up with a cute red Ferrari. Jeff opened the door for her and she thought, he's a gentleman too. Jeff pealed out and they both laughed and soon they were winding up high into the Hollywood hills and finally stopped at a rather secluded house with a killer view. There were tons of cars parked everywhere and they had to walk a short distance because it was impossible to park closer.

The party was in full swing when they were let in by one of the host's servants who knew Jeff and said welcome to them both. They entered a large living area that was packed with people. Music blasted and it was difficult to hear what anyone was saying. A lot of people were dancing, a few were trying to talk and Lily saw a few people in a circle in a corner of the room drinking, laughing and cheering about something.

Jeff guided her to the bar and they were given more drinks. Lily was definitely tipsy at this point but not yet drunk. She could still walk okay and only slur a few words. Jeff told her she was cute, slurring her words like that and kissed her. Lily kissed him back eagerly right in front of everyone, then looked around, a little embarrassed. Jeff led her to a small couch at the edge of the room. He put their drinks down then turned to her and started kissing her again. He slowly pushed her down onto the couch and kept kissing her.

Lily felt her breasts begin fondled and vaguely thought she should stop Jeff since they were in a room full of people but when she felt him sucking her nipples she changed her mind. That felt good and probably no one was paying attention anyway. She groaned as Jeff continued sucking her tits and felt him spread her legs as he moved completely on top of her. Jeff was rubbing her thigh then moved his hand up and Lily felt her thong being pulled aside as a finger entered her. She couldn't believe she was letting him do this but it felt so good and he was being so sweet.

Jeff continued fingering her and sucking her tits and telling her how beautiful she was and how much he wanted her. ?Do you want me too? Tell me, please Lily,? he groaned.

?I want you Jeff, but not here, later, ohhhh that feels good,? she groaned as he started fingering her harder and deeper and adding a finger.

He was licking her nipples when she felt her thong being pulled down and she felt Jeff's dick begin rubbed around her cunt then felt him push in fast. Jeff didn't move for a moment but then started moving in and out slowly while pulling Lily toward him to get closer to her cunt. Lily gasped and couldn't believe this was happening but she couldn't stop at this point and not just because she couldn't move, it just felt so good.

She let Jeff fuck her and groaned softly hoping to not garner too much attention. He was fucking her harder now and moaning, telling her what a great fuck she was and how he bet she couldn't wait to feel him cum in her. Lily heard someone clapping and laughing after Jeff said that and then heard a myriad of comments like, ?Guys, come and see this, this is hot,? and ?Fuck her harder, she loves it,? and ?I want a piece of that.? A few guys were cheering and she heard a chorus of, ?Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her,? being chanted.

Lily was becoming embarrassed but Jeff was fucking her so hard now and it was so damned good that all she could do was try and meet his rhythm and worry about being watched later. She was breathing hard and moaning as Jeff pounded her. She felt Jeff pull out for a moment while he removed her thong and tossed it out into the room then spread her legs wide and pushed them back and thrust in again hard. A large cheer sounded. Lily felt hands rubbing her tits and someone began sucking hard on a nipple and biting it over and over. That felt good too so she let them. She felt the couch move and someone moved behind it and started sucking her other nipple and Lily was coming and screamed out telling Jeff not to stop.

Finally after a good ten minutes, Jeff was ready and told her he was coming, and he slammed her, reaming her hard before he came balls deep into that sweet cunt. Jeff lay there for a few moments while the crowd around them cheered and someone said, ?Who's next?? Lily didn't dare open her eyes and wondered how she could just get up and leave.

She felt Jeff move and said to him, ?Please, can you get me out of her quickly??

He looked at her and said, ?Sweetie, I think you're just getting warmed up. Why would you want to leave??

Lily started to panic and said, ?Jeff, please...? but Jeff pulled out, made a bowing motion and said, ?Come and get her.?

Lily began to get up but someone put a drink to her lips, pulled her head back and made her drink it. ?There, there, honey, that'll make you feel better. Now just relax and enjoy.? He pushed Lily back down onto the couch. Someone fondled gerçek porno her breasts, then started sucking them while a good looking man knelt between her legs, put a pillow under her ass and said, ?Sweet. Ready, baby??

The man thrust his dick in. It was huge and Lily cried out. Her tits were being sucked and bitten and the man was already fucking her hard. She heard a cheer go up across the room and someone said, ?That slut's doing sloppy seconds, this one looks a lot better.?

Lily realized then that something was really wrong and called out for Jeff. He loomed above her, sipping a drink and smirking. ?You look like you're really enjoying it, honey.?

?Jeff, why did you bring me here, why??

?I was sent out to find sluts for the party and I found you. You're perfect and look at how much you like it. I knew you would. You're gonna get your fill tonight, honey, as many dicks as you ever dreamed of.?

?Please, Jeff, don't, oh please.?

?Don't tell me that, slut. You are so obviously a whore, good for fucking and not much else. Look at yourself, all spread out and ready for these guys. Enjoy, I'll catch you later.?

The man fucking Lily was groaning now and suddenly slammed into her hard while he came. Someone said, ?I'm next,? and he jumped right in when the man pulled out and started fucking Lily energetically.

Another man straddled Lily's chest, told her to open her mouth and shoved his dick in when she started to protest. He slapped her face and told her to suck it good or he'd beat the shit out of her. He slapped her again and thrust deep into her throat making her gag. He kept thrusting, pulling on her hair now, hoping he was hurting her. ?Fucking cunt,? he grumbled as he fucked her mouth hard. Lily barely noticed the other man coming and another dick slipping into her.

Lily heard men talking while she was being fucked. Someone said, ?Let's move her to the floor. This is starting to make a big mess.? Another said he wanted to tap that sweet ass and someone else yelled he wanted in that ass too. As soon as the guy fucking her finished, she felt hands all over her, some took her clothes off, then they moved her to the floor, positioned her on her knees and a man unceremoniously pushed into her ass. Lily screamed at that so someone said, ?We can hear her, someone get a dick in that mouth,? and someone did.

Periodically someone would bring Lily a drink and help get it down her throat. The drinks were mostly vodka and helped keep her mellow. At some point someone put a large bowl under Lily's ass saying they shouldn't waste so much cum. Once in a while Lily would open her eyes and when she did she'd see how the faces watching her kept changing. She felt dicks in her ass and her cunt and lost count early on but felt like she'd been there forever. Lily had to admit though that she was totally turned on and actually it felt really good, at least so far it did. She'd come a number of times and there was just something about the idea of all these men wanting her and actually fucking her that kept her wanting it.

One man who fucked her wanted it different. He picked her up and held her by the ass and fucked her standing up, fast and furious until she was literally bouncing off his dick. He walked around a little as he fucked her yelling obscenities and telling people to watch me fuck this cunt and asking who wants her next. Lily groaned and screamed as she came again and loving the way this guy was fucking her. He finally came and threw her back down on the floor where she'd been. He kicked her in the ribs before he walked away.

Lily next felt her ass and cunt being fucked by two grunting men. It was glorious being fucked in both holes and she moaned and groaned and urged the men to keep fucking her and to fuck her hard. Two men approached her and told her to open her fucking mouth then both shoved their dicks in and started thrusting. Her mouth and jaw ached but she was able to take two, not nearly as deep but enough to get them off. A couple of guys tried coordinating fucking her mouth by taking turns thrusting in and out and that worked out pretty well for them as they coordinated coming together, flooding Lily's mouth with their hot, sticky cum. They slapped her hard when she couldn't swallow all of it and called her a bad slut.

After a few hours, Lily was exhausted but the men wouldn't leave her alone and she was still turned on and enjoying being fucked by so many guys. She looked around and realized she'd barely made a dent in the number of men there and new people kept showing up. Some even had girlfriends with them who seemed to find it all very amusing. Lily wondered how many others were in the same predicament as her. She could hears cheering from a variety of places so assumed there were a few more.

At some point she collapsed and could no longer hold herself up. Someone picked her up and took her to the kitchen and had her bend over a cabinet so guys could fuck her while he fed her a little and made her drink more. The drinks now were laced with uppers to give her more energy. While she was there two guys stood in back of her and shoved their dicks into her now gaping, dripping cunt and though she cried out in pain, Lily was helpless to do anything about it, nor did she want to because, God, it felt good being fucked so hard it hurt. While the two guys were fucking her, a third straddled the edge of the counter her ass leaned over and fucked her ass too. The guys really liked this and cheered as someone climbed on the counter and shoved a dick down her throat while yelling, ?Four dicks, any more??

They all laughed like hell as they reamed her and told her what a dirty cum bucket slut she was when they came in her. The slapped her ass and her face and told her they might see her later for seconds. Lily was wobbly as she was led back to the other room. On the way she saw a girl bent over on the floor, tied up, ass in the air, legs spread wide while two guys fucked her. The man leading her told her that's what happens when you stop participating.

It was very late now, hours had passed and still the men circled her and fucked her. It had to be into the hundreds. Only the uppers kept her going a little bit. Finally though Lily was so tired that the men just turned her over and pushed her legs back and kept fucking her that way. Men straddled her chest and fucked her mouth gagging her as they hit the back of her throat repeatedly and finally coming deep. Lily found she liked the feeling of being helpless, powerless to stop them and her cunt ached for more and more.

The cum bowl they'd used before was almost empty again since they made her drink it from time to time, for energy they said. Actually they just enjoyed watching her agony and laughing at her. Jeff came back a couple gay porno of times. Once he jacked off and came in her mouth while another guy was fucking it, another time he pissed on her saying all the bathrooms were taken.

It was much quieter around dawn, the party was basically over. Men kept fucking her though, still one after another as she lay on the floor, wet, sticky legs spread wide, one dick the same as another pounding her sore cunt and ass and filling her with their cum and sometimes their piss. There were so many liquids that someone had put something resembling a shower curtain under her. Men had been told that this was the place to both fuck and piss and so they did, over and over aqain. Sometimes, Lily lost consciousness and always woke up to feel someone fucking her. They didn't seem to care at all if she was awake, she was just a receptacle to them now, a hole to fuck and cum in.

Mid morning came and went and things started picking up at lunch time, meaning fresh people arrived. Lily was a mess by this time though so not everyone wanted to fuck her. She heard a couple of guys say, ?This one's done, lets hose her and tie her up, she's glory hole material.? They picked her up and took her outside and literally hosed her down on the grass, then they took her to another room in the house and placed her over a small cushioned bench so that her ass and cunt were in the air. There was a partition in the room with holes cut out at standing level. Her cunt was positioned to be visible and accessible in the hole and she was tied into position. Lily could only move her head. Someone picked her head up and forced a drink down her throat. There was another partition in front of her face with another hole for her head to go through so that men could fuck her mouth. Her hands were tied behind her back along with the ropes tying her to the bench.

Music blasted. Lily slept, head hanging down and slowly woke up as the latest batch of uppers kicked in. Someone was fucking her ass and it hurt like hell. They were also shoving a dildo in and out of her cunt and that hurt too. Her entire body hurt and she cried and cried. A man heard her sobbing and walked up to her head. He picked it up by the hair and said, ?Poor slut, here honey have a nice dick.? He laughed and shoved his dick in and thrust furiously, coming in a couple of minutes. He was obviously new to the party.

Lily was kept where she was the entire afternoon and evening, receiving only a drug reinforced drink, usually mixed with cum for the laughs. For some reason the guys seemed to like the glory hole arrangement and there was a steady line to fuck her once they'd heard about her being there. They fucked her in groups of two and three, fucking her hard for a few minutes then moving on, then returning later to fuck some more and cum into her under a sign that read Cum Bucket. The guys thought that was hilarious.

Another sign read, Piss Hole, so they did that too, pissing into her ass and cunt then fucking her hard leaving her with their cum dripping out of her gaping holes. A lot of the time she was mercifully unconscious and didn't hear the laughter or the slurs, and didn't feel the pain or feel the cum dripping down her legs in a pretty steady stream. By the time it was midnight, Lily had been fucked by literally hundreds more men.

They'd used her mouth too and actually liked it when she was out of it because they could get their dicks way down in her throat and really go to town fucking her.

At midnight, two men untied Lily and led her to the kitchen where she was given more uppers. She had a hard time standing up because of being tied up and in one position for so long, so they draped her across the countertop and fed her scraps while more guys fucked her. She was taken back to the main room and laid down on a plastic cover in the middle of the room where everyone could see her. There was soon a circle around her and the cheering began as men started sucking her tits, slurping noisily and spreading her legs wide and fucking her so hard her whole body moved, and her tits jiggled.

Midnight to five was prime time for the new arrivals, guys who had spent their nights at clubs or other parties, but were raring to go now that they saw what the entertainment was. Their first stop and frequently their last was Lily since she was so obviously there and being fucked. A lot of them fucked her but moved on before they came, wanting to sample the other goodies spread throughout the house. Many returned though when they wanted to come. Something about Lily read cum bucket and so they saved it for her. Lily was indeed covered in cum, it was on her, in her and she lay in it, it made a slurping noise when dicks pumped into her, and from under her as she sloshed around in cum and piss. Towels were brought out so the guys could wipe off and fresh plastic covers and towels were put under Lily.

When Lily was coherent she still enjoyed the fucking as long as there was enough cum to buffer the friction. She saw so many really good looking guys fucking her and a few movie stars and rock stars she worshipped and was happy to have them fuck her, in fact it turned her on and she responded energetically to certain guys fucking her, groaning and begging them to cum in her. It was good to be fucked by the best of Hollywood. And so the crowd around her continued cheering late into the night as Lily felt dick after dick thrust in her cunt and ass.

For a while they turned her on her side and made a sandwich of her with two men fucking her ass and cunt at the same time. As soon as one man was done another slipped their dick in and the fucking continued non-stop. So many wanted a piece of her that for a while they set a five minute time limit and then back in line, the line moved much more quickly this way and more guys got to fuck her. The guys there for sloppy thirds or fourths eventually got to come in their hole of choice.

The guys also liked fucking Lily while they stood up, one guy in her cunt and one in her ass. They bounced her up and down on their dicks, hitting deep inside her when she bounced back down. Then they'd just hold on to her hips and grind her around on their dicks which never ceased to make her groan with pleasure since it felt really good to be deep fucked in both holes.

At about six the line was down to those seeking sloppy thirds and wanting only to fuck hard and come. One after another they mounted her and fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes before coming balls deep in. Lily must have finished off another 50 guys that way and was filled to the brim with cum that dripped steadily down her legs and came out in globs as she was fucked again and again. A lot of men fucked her in both holes, switching back and forth, using all she had to give to get them off. And evli porno finally it was down to just a few men content to fuck Lily slowly, lying heavily on her while they pumped her deep but slow until they finally came, groaning as they pushed in as deep as they could go, fondling and sucking her tits, and squeezing them hard when they came.

Someone checked on her at about seven and it was decided she was done except for one last chore for a few special friends. Someone made a last call on Lily announcement and told them they had half an hour to fuck her and be done. Men started fucking her immediately but many jacked off and decorated Lily's body with strings of their cum. She heard groan after groan and felt cum hitting everywhere on her body which was still being rocked by men fucking her. Several men jacked off into her mouth at the same time as someone held it open for them. When they were done they closed her mouth and made her swallow it all. She gagged but swallowed. Finally time was called as the last guy finished fucking Lily, pounding hard and fast into her cunt, telling the guys to just wait a minute because he needed to cum in this bitch's filthy cunt, and so they let him and let him keep pounding her until he came deep and hard with a litany of slurs. When he was done he slapped her ass hard and said, ?Fuckin cunt.?

Lily was carried outside where cuffs were placed on her ankles, then ropes and she was suspended spread legged to a tree branch used for this chore. Four men surrounded her, two on each side making a sandwich. Two shoved their dicks in her cunt and two in her ass and then they started thrusting in unison deep into her holes. Closer to the ground a couple of men helped hold her body steady and sucked and bit her tits until they were raw. Above them the men were grunting and fucking Lily hard. The first man came with a groan, then another until they all had filled her.

The men below them gave her tits one last good bite then stood up and thrust into her holes watching the cum overflow and drip down as they did. Her holes were so big now and so full of cum that great slurping sounds emanated from her body as they fucked her and came hard and deep in her well-used holes. They took the cuffs off and pulled her down from the tree and propped her up so that her ass was in the air. Two men stayed and held her up while the owner brought out a surprise for his guests. Enter Max the Rottweiler, a fine male speciman who ran immediately up to Lily and began sniffing enthusiastically.

Max barked and whined and his owner told him to go for it. The dog mounted Lily, barking and growling as the two men continued to hold her up. The barking woke her up and she realized there was a dog on her and she soon felt the dog licking her cunt and then felt him trying to enter her. It took him a while but finally he did and grunted happily and started humping her at lightening speed, pounding Lily's sore cunt hard as his dog dick grew inside her. The dog was insatiable as he fucked away. Lily just moaned. The men thought that she liked it and everyone laughed about what a great slut she was to do the dog too. The dog kept fucking her and finally barked and came sending streams of cum deep into her cunt. He pulled out with a plop and the men watched his cum pour out of her.

The owner wanted to fuck her ass one last time because it had been such a great little slut ass. He had a big dick and told her he hoped she really felt it, but if not he had something she would feel after. The men held her legs steady as the man fucked hard into her ass, pulling her hips up so that he was fucking her in an upward motion, her cunt impaled on his long thick dick. He bounced her up and down pushing all the way in and out, over and over again, hitting home again, and again, as Lily screamed in pain and someone slapped her face hard and told her to shut up and let the man fuck your ass.

The man fucked her for a good ten minutes before he was ready. He could see blood and cum dripping from her ass as he fucked her and dog cum that wouldn't quit kept dripping out of her cunt. The other men were jacking off watching this epic fuck, turned on by watching how hard he kept driving into her until finally he came groaning and filling her one last time. One by one the others came, two into her cunt while they groaned and laughed, and the others drizzling their come down over her back. One man pissed into her mouth after he came.

When Lily collapsed on the grass, the owner brought over two dildos and started shoving them into Lily. There were two rather large ones for both her cunt and ass. He asked one of the men to drop her off on his way home. They all picked her up and threw her in the back of the man's truck making sure the dildo's were firmly in place. Her blouse was put on her and her tiny mini skirt pulled on and zipped up. The men found it amusing that the dildo's hung down much further than the skirt did.

It was still pretty early in the morning on a Sunday, so the man decided to drop Lily off at a public park down in the flats. The only people around were a few homeless people, most of them still drunk from the night before. They'd never realize where the girl had come from. The man placed Lily under a tree, and hidden behind some large bushes, face down on the sparse grass. A tit was hanging out of her blouse but the man left it and just squeezed it hard one last time. He pulled the skirt up and pushed the dildo's in and out a few times before shoving them hard deep inside her. He heard her groan as he spread her legs as wide as they would go and noticed that cum was still dripping from her holes. As a final gesture he bent her arm and placed her hand around her tit.

He smiled as he drove off, thinking what a great weekend party this one had been. Everyone had fun, especially the sluts who got to sample all those dicks. He couldn't wait for the next party and hoped the sluts would be top notch again.

Lily slept on the ground for most of the morning. She only woke when she felt something heavy laying on her and realized it was a man when she felt him slowly fucking her ass. She could smell him and he reeked of alcohol. Something was in her cunt too, she could feel it but she was unable to move and in fact passed out again shortly thereafter. The homeless men had a good time with their found treasure. They kept her a secret and fucked her one by one and even made a couple of guys pay for it. Some of them fell asleep after they came and stayed inside her until someone came to fuck her and made them move. They kept her hidden and kept fucking her until she stopped moving or ever waking up. Even then a few of them fucked her, her cunt still felt good and was nice and wet and deep.

Finally they drifted away. Lily was found during routine fall maintenance at the park. She was unrecognizable by then and there was no ID. Lily became a Jane Doe and with no leads as to what happened to her, and with no one really caring, she quickly became a cold case, a good slut until the end.
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